Garden Releaf Day Confirmed for Saturday- April 14, 2018

Put Saturday April 14, 2018 on your calendar and get ready for the fourth annual National Garden Releaf Day. You are invited to join in as Garden Centres across Australia come together to connect people with the health and wellness benefits of plants, gardens and gardening. This year as we encourage people and communities to get involved with ideas and inspiration our theme is all about a celebration and understanding of the joys of colour.

Colour has long been associated with influencing our health and wellbeing. We wear colour to help create and adjust our moods and influence those of others, we eat and drink colour to get different vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and tastes in our diets; we surround ourselves in colour. We love colour in our gardens, colour in our homes, colour in our lives! We give the littlest of our children colouring books and pencils and now even adults spend time de-stressing by colouring in.

Like fragrance and texture colour is an element of visual language, often popping out and impacting us immediately.  What better place is there to get immersed in colour than in our gardens? Research continues to tell us that gardening is good for us. Spending time in a garden, surrounded by living plants and enjoying healthy fresh produce can have a significant and positive effect on a person’s physical and mental health and wellbeing. No matter how old you are or whether you are an apartment dweller, city block residents or out on the land you can enjoy and share the benefits of growing, eating, planting, giving and enjoying living colour.

Garden Releaf also aims to raise money to support selected charities. “We are delighted to advise that through the support of our Independent Garden Centres, the media, garden industry suppliers and the community in the last 3 years Garden Releaf Day has raised around $200,000 for beyond blue.” said Karen Moad, GCA President.

Former Chairman of beyondblue, The Hon. Jeff Kennett AC said he is very grateful to the Garden Releaf program for raising money to help individuals and their families who have been affected by depression/anxiety and suicide. “Gardening may not only improve a person’s physical and mental health, but also can help to reduce stress and anxiety.”

So how do you get involved?

We want to encourage everyone to celebrate colour.

Get in a garden. Get healthy. Have fun.

Independent garden centres across Australia will be holding Garden Releaf Day 2018 on Saturday April 14.  Amongst other things there will be loads of activities focusing on the benefits of colour, plants and gardens to enrich our lives.

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