Garden Releaf Day 2017- Sunday March 19

We have many of the best Australian Garden Centres listed on this site for your convenience. They are NOT all participating in our Garden Releaf program. Participating Garden Centres and their events for 2017 will be listed under our Participants tab during February/early March so please check there for participating Garden Centres details.
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Independent garden centres across Australia will once again be supporting the Garden Releaf program in 2017 with Garden Releaf day set for Sunday March 19. Focusing on the benefits of plants and gardens to enrich our lives, garden centres will be exploding with colour, plenty of fun activities and informative events across the day (and for some the week end).The aim is to encourage people to get into their garden and get planting – or take someone to a garden to just enjoy.

Gardens and colour continue to prove to be beneficial for positive mental health and wellbeing so Garden Releaf day will be themed around Colour for Health. The Garden centres will be bursting with colour and beautiful plants and we will once again support beyond blue through related fund raising activities in the lead up to and on the day.

Check the website for specific information on each Independent Garden Centre in early February 2017

What is Garden Releaf?

Garden Releaf is an innovative program established by Garden Centres of Australia (GCA) in 2014 to help people understand the numerous benefits that spending time in a garden or simply being surrounded by living greenery can have on a person’s health and wellbeing.

Garden Releaf is here to promote all the benefits that surrounding yourself with living plants can bring and to re-iterate there are so many ways to do this be it; working in your garden, enjoying time in a garden created by others, enjoying the produce or fragrance from a garden, being able to just look at and enjoy a garden or simply breathing cleaner air because there are more trees and plants in your day to day life. Gardening and living greenery has been proven to improve not only a person’s physical and mental health but also to reduce stress and anxiety and build self-esteem.

Research and studies continue to identify new ways that plants and gardens enrich our lives and through our Garden Releaf program we will communicate and highlight these benefits. Most importantly Garden Releaf will provide ideas and opportunities, inspiration and events that will help you and/or a loved one to actively get involved and improve your physical and mental wellbeing.

Sadly we know that 3 million Australians are living with depression or anxiety- this will be a chance for you to get involved and learn a bit more about how you can help yourself and others improve mental and physical wellbeing- by simply emerging yourself in plants and a garden.

Please help us support beyondblue

We are delighted to advise that through the support of our Independent Garden Centres, the media, garden industry suppliers and the community in 2015 and again in 2016 the Garden Releaf program raised around $70,000 for beyondblue and for that we thank everyone involved.

We have been fortunate to be supported by many of the key horticultural media and personalities in Australia including:

  • Johanna Griggs – Better Homes & Gardens
  • Graham Ross – Better Homes & Gardens, Radio 2GB & 4BC
  • Linda Ross – Radio 2GB and Garden Clinic
  • Jane Edmanson – Gardening Australia ABC
  • Michael Keelan – Radio 5aa Adelaide
  • Sophie Thomson – Gardening Australia ABC & Sunday Mail SA
  • Trevor Cochrane – The Garden Gurus magazine & TV
  • Sabrina Hahn –Radio ABC 720 Perth, also the West Australian gardening
  • Annette  McFarlane – Radio ABC 612 Brisbane
  • Peter Cundall – Radio ABC Tasmania
  • Teena Sandford – ABC Radio 105.9 NT

National Blueberry Day March 19, 2017

Garden Releaf will focus on the benefits of plants and gardens to enrich our lives. We have access to research that proves the benefits and we will highlight them.

We will specifically highlight Blueberries as Superfoods. Autumn is a good time to plant Blueberries so you can grow your own fruit. Blueberries also have lovely Autumn foliage.

Nutritionist, Dr Joanna McMillan is also supporting the event.

She said: “Blueberries are one of my favourite fruits and I’m always delighted when they’re back in season and more affordable. They are delicious, bursting with vitamin C and a whole bunch of antioxidants, while being low in kilojoules and carbohydrates. When I feel like a mid-afternoon snack, one of my favourites is a little dish of blueberries and almonds – it gets me through until dinner.”

We are breathing new life into the Garden Releaf program

Along with continuing to encourage more people to understand and enjoy the benefits of emerging yourself in plants and gardens we aim to continue to repeat our fantastic fund raising activities and improve upon our results each year.

In planning this we have refreshed our Garden Releaf logo with a new look which is vibrant and fun and loaded with colour as we know colour plays such an important role in shaping our moods.

FACEBOOK- can keep you up to date and inspired

We have also launched a dedicated FACEBOOK page for Garden Releaf Australia so you can easily keep up to date with all of the ongoing Garden Releaf activities, information and latest research as it will be loaded with colour, inspiration and ideas. LIKE our page and you will be able to quickly view, click and share to help spread the word about how we can all use Garden Releaf to enrich our lives and find some inspiration for your own health and wellbeing.

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Garden Releaf activities will be held at Independent Garden Centres across Australia – participating stores and their events will be added as they are confirmed.

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